Writer-Denise Micaela Spinelli

Denise Micaela Spinelli

Writer & Music

From "LBP" to "IMOLOGIA"
At the age of 14, publication of the text "From the past a teaching"  Zanichelli Writing Prize, 2006
October, 2012: Publication of the book "The Psychological Bible" (IT. La Bibbia Psicologica) with an international preface by the famous Don Antonio Mazzi founder of Exodus, the proceeds of the book were destined for African communities. And in March of the following year: Production and publication of the "2 Dimensioni" music disc and work for its advertising campaign.  In the following years two poetic collections are published in collaboration with other Writers and a poetic collection in a psychological-evolutionary key with the title “Storie di Poesia Incarnata”. In 2016: Collaboration with Giulia Regain, an Italian dj producer with a psychological formation in the human behavior and so we have created the song "Unicorn" where the melody was based on specific brain waves with musical and therapeutic criteria. In 2018: A manual is published and presented as a research carried out through 111 dictionaries: IMOLOGIA. THEORY, PRACTICE AND INNER POWER.
2 Dimensions
A song called 2 Dimension has been composed to promote the book "The Psychological Bible" then a record was produced with the collaboration of different artists.
2 Dimensioni
1. 2 Dimensioni
2. Two Dimensions
3. Inferno & Paradiso
4. Siamo 2 soli splendidi che ballano tra lacrime
5. Mari d'oblio
6. Le 2 metà collidono
7. B.o.n.s. (on the floor)
8. Nell'infinito del giorno
9. Capita, capita