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Denise Micaela Spinelli

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Denise Micaela Spinelli
 Italian writer and poet, creator of the Imologia. She also works in the entertainment sector as a presenter, performer and commentator. She is a Doctor in Psychological Sciences and Techniques at the Catholic University of The Sacred Heart in Milan with vote 110 and LODE/110. She continued her studies through seminars and international courses. In 2012 she published her first book "La Bibbia Psicologia" and in the following years there were other pubblications and artist projects completed. In the same year she founded Imology (IT. Imologia) and created a real brand in 2018 with the publication of the first research manual devoted enterely to the topic. The first operative office was located near the famous Corso Como in Milan with the name of Quanto Basta. Currently the lever of social media is used to connect the Imologia at an International level with and therefore with different operating locations. The discipline can be developed anywhere by the competent team. As a leader, Denise Micaela manages her own team for common purposes and has a crew of loyal collaborators who can work from different countries for different activities. 

Something more about skills
✓ Active Listening ✓ Communication ✓ Computer Skills ✓ Customer Service ✓ Interpersonal Skills ✓ Leadership ✓ Management Skills ✓ Problem-Solving ✓ Time Management ✓ Transferable Skills 
Longitudinal and transversal skills have been acquired during the Practical Guided Experiences and in extracurricular activities at the Catholic University of Milan: general and analytical observation techniques of the same situation, functional listening, interviewing techniques, different modes of exposure and ability to establish socio-empathic relationships. Ability to lead and manage the public acquired thanks to university and institutional lessons and conducted or working at multiple levels for the success of public events. Working at the media level in the television, film and journalistic sectors has increased interpersonal and teamwork skills, promoting self-esteem and the propensity to master situations and contingencies. Important aspects like adaptability, flexibility and ability to manage contingencies and intercultural exchanges, have been increased during numerous trips abroad which have also allowed me to create my network with the inhabitants of these countries: Brazil, New York, Miami, Maldives, Dubai, Turkey, Zanzibar, Mykonos, Australia, Jerusalem, Dominican Republic, Europe, Switzerland, London, Los Angeles, Thailand and so on.