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Denise Micaela Spinelli

Dubainess Network

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Dubainess Network is a network of professionals that offers specific services in Dubai for local or foreign purposes.

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You EXPO 2020 DUBAI is not just another trade show – but a World Exposition where the world is coming to Dubai to present and showcase technology and knowhow for the future. The EXPO theme recognises that generating sustainable solutions to global problems demands collaboration across cultures, nations and regions: “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, will provide a platform to foster creativity, innovation, and collaboration globally. It is based on the belief that sharing innovative ideas and building partnerships will inspire the way we shape our future in the most positive way possible.Expo 2020 Dubai will host the world for 173 days, each one brimming with new experiences. It’ll be a time to create, collaborate and innovate. 
Dubainess Network
"From the logo (DSN), I wanted to design an ideal bridge between Italy and Dubai, a link for Italian companies investing in the new headquarters of Expo 2020. Not forgetting that Milan, my city, hosted the last world exhibition and that it will pass the witness to Dubai. We are very different countries in terms of culture, economy and business visions. Precisely for this reason, I thought it would serve a greater union to bring together two realities that would instead be sources of support and mutual development.
Dubainess Network embraces different fields in view of the present and future Dubai: the real estate, the entrepreneurial, the media, the academic"
"Connecting Minds, Creating the Future , all this is combined with the heart of Imology: overcoming the overload of information that the contemporary era proposes us, or imposes, to restore the essentiality within a constant evolution"

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